Wat Pho Chai Na Phung Temple

08.00 - 17.00

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Amphoe Dan Sai, Loei



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Historians estimated this ancient temple was built in circa 22nd-23rd Buddhist century. The temple is home to Buddhist scripture library built on tall poles and a 400-years-old ordination hall that features an influence of Loei’s architectural art. Enshrined inside is a revered OngSaen Buddha or FonSaen Ha bronze image. Is it believed that wherever OngSaen is enshrined, the area will always be nourished. The murals on both the inner and outer walls depicting Lord Buddha’s life and featuring the beliefs of the people of Ban Na Phung in the late Ayutthaya and Early Rattanakosin periods. 

How to get there

By Car

Take the Loei-Dan Sai Road for 82 kilometers, turn right and proceed on the Dan Sai – Na Haeo Road for another 23 kilometers.

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