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Wat Na Phrathat -


It is located Moo 1, Takhu Subdistrict, Pak Thong Chai District, Nakhon Ratchasima, about four kilometres from Mueang Pak Town. 



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Wat Na Phra That, locally known as Wat Takhu, is an ancient temple founded in 1787 or during the reign of King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke. It is located Moo 1, Takhu Subdistrict, Pak Thong Chai District, Nakhon Ratchasima, about four kilometres from Mueang Pak Town. 


1.Old ubosot

Located near the new ubosot, the old ubosot is the temple’s former main hall built when the temple was founded. The building sits on a foundation that slightly curves in the middle. This is called Tok Thong Samphao, Tok Thong Chang or Tok Thong Chuek, which is an architectural style popular during the late Ayutthaya Period and the early Rattanakosin Period. Besides, unlike general ubosots, the building does not have Cho Fah, Bai Raka and Hang Hong, which makes it resemble King Nangklao’s “favourite architectural styles”. The building possesses beautiful murals that are still in good condition. They portray stories from the Jataka tales, the standing Buddha, people paying respect to the Buddha’s footprint, the Asubha Meditation, the story of Phra Malai and local lifestyles. Murals are also found on the exterior wall but most of them are faded and cannot be easily seen except the one above the front door. 

2.Ho Trai Klang Nam

Ho Trai Klang Nam is located in the middle of the lake near the old ubosot. It is a Thai-style building raised high above water with Central Thai-style gables and Fa Pakon-patterned walls. The reason why it was erected in the middle of the lake is to protect the ancient Tripitaka leaf scriptures kept in the building from insects, especially termites and ants which can destroy the leaf scriptures. When one wants to get into the building, one has to use a temporary bridge which can be taken out after use. However, nowadays the leaf scriptures are no longer kept here.  

In addition, the building has Guilded Black Lacquer front doors. It also possesses murals painted on both exterior and interior walls. On the exterior walls, murals portray the Buddha’s life and time, the celestial assembly, the Phum Khao Bin Kan Yaeng pattern and Phra Mae Thorani. These murals, however, are faded. On the interior wall, the murals of the celestial assembly and falling flowers are found. 

3.Phra That

Located in front of the old ubosot, it is a stupa held in high esteem by locals. According to history, it was built by the Laotian immigrants from Vientiane in order to be the centre of their community. The stupa is similar to others found in the North East. It has a square foundation and a tall square spire resembling a square lotus flower. This type of architecture is called Song Bua Liam in the Lao Language and is unique to traditional Laotian Architecture. 





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