Wat Matchimawat or Wat Klang (Songkhla) Temple

20.00 - 04.00

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Wat Matchimawat or Wat Khlang Wat Matchimawat or Wat Khlang


On Sai Buri Road, Amphoe Mueang, Songkhla


0 7423 1055, 0 7423 8518, 0 7424 3747

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Wat Matchimawat or Wat Klang considered as the most important temple in Songkhla. Built over 400 year ago during the Ayutthaya period, it was believed that the millionaire of Songkhla named Yai Si Chan the large amount of money for the construction and firstly named Wat Yai Sri Chan. Later on, Wat Liep was built in the north together with Wat Pho in the south, people then changed the named to Wat Klang (klang refers to middle) or Wat Matchmawat regarding to its current position. The temple also has Phattharasin Museum that collects artifacts gathered from various places such as Songkhla, Sathing Phra and Ranot.
Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday from 1pm-4pm.
Contact: 074-231-055, 074-238-518, 074-243-747



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