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Nakhon Phanom
Category : Temple

Wat Mahathat was built in 607 and royally granted the land by announcing in royal decree on 25th August 1921 with the area of 5 fields, 2 ngans and 79 square two-meters. The temple used to be called “Wat Ming Muang” and later changed to “Wat That” because of these reasons;1.The elders have passed on the history of the temple that Wat Mahathat is where relics of the Buddha were kept. 2.There are various sizes of chedis in Wat Ming Muang.3.Wat Mahathat is also the residence of the Supreme Patriarch or leader of the Thai Buddhist monks. Later the name of the temple was then changed to “Wat Mahathat”Phra That Nakhon is the square stupa with 4.85 meters wide and 24 meters high. It was built on 14th February 1920 by Phraya Maha Ammat, the army leader from Vientiane. The construction was done on 7th May 1922 (the stupa has constructed from the old one). The relic placement ceremony was taken place on 10th Wednesday, 1922. Phra That Nakhon is a stupa for people who are born on Saturday. It is believed that by paying respect to the stupa, the prayer will be granted with the happiness, wealth, strength and good luck. The chanting is “So ma na ga ri tha tho”. The name of this chanting wish is Narai Thod Jak used in the southern west with the offerings including 10 incenses, 2 candles, garlands, flowers, purple cloth, perfume, grilled sticky rice and fried sweet rice.Wat Mahathat is located on the city island near the Khong River where the view of Laos is presented in such a beautiful sight. This monastery offers sensational view of the Khong River which visitors should not miss.  

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