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Amphoe Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son



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WatKittiwong is located in Mae Sariang District of Mae Hong Son Province. The temple houses ancient scriptures about Lanna – Burma relationship, found at ThamPhaDaeng cave by Salween River in 1968 and enshrines Lord Buddhas' relics that PhraKruKittibrought from Wat Sri Suwan in Chiang Mai. The door and window of the chapel are decorated with beautiful stucco designs. The Lanna style gable apex was beautifully made.

There is no evidence of the time WatKittiwong was built. But it has been passed on from generation to generation that it was built long time ago. It is an old and important temple of Mae Sariang District. It was previously known as “Wat Chai Songkram.” In the past, Mae Sariang was called, “Yuam” city where Yang (Karen people) and Ngiew (Shan people) guerrilla force lived in the forest in the west of the city and often harassed the city people. 

Every time, before the city’s army went to attack the guerrilla force, the soldiers would stop by Wat Chai Songkram for holy ceremonies in which they believed to make them win the battle and they actually did every time. As the temple is located near the Victory Gate, at an intersection which is nowadays a police station, it was therefore called “Wat Chai Songkram.” It is a venue for important Buddhist ceremonies of the province. 

WatKittiwong or Wat Chai Songkram was granted the Pattasima (monastic boundary) in 1835 and was granted the Wisungkhamasima(land for establishment of central hall granted by the King) in 1916. For more information, contact tel. 053-681-198.


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