Wat Khao Wongkhot (Bat Cave) Mountain (Doi), Caves , Temple
Wat Khao Wongkhot (Bat Cave)

Mountain (Doi), Caves , Temple

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Amphoe Ban Mi, Lopburi



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Covering an area of nearly 12 acres, WatKhaoWongkot is situated approximately 4 kilometers from Ban Mi City. The temple was built in the middle of three mountains with a reclining Buddha enshrined at the foot of SanamDaeng Mountain. Visitors are encouraged to stop at a pavilion to pay their respects to the remains of Charoen Ditsawanno Venerable Bhikku, the former abbot of the temple. It is believed that his sacred body has miraculously remained unchanged and in perfect condition since his death in 1963.

Within the compound of WatKhaoWongkhot is a bat cave which is considered to be the largest in Lop Buri. With millions of bats inhabiting the cave, the temple receives substantial revenues from the sale of guano, or bat dung. Beginning at 6.00 pm or sunset, the creatures burst out of the cave, taking hours to dissipate into the sky.


To get there, take Highway No. 311 (Lop Buri–Sing Buri) and turn into the temple 4 kilometers prior to Ban Mi District. Alternatively, there are also the Lop Buri–Ban Mi buses. Get off at Ban Mi Bus Terminal and take a rental car from the Ban Mi Market to the temple.

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