Wat Khao Kaeo Worawihan Temple


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When King Rama IV visited Sao Hai District, he ordered the renovation of this ancient temple and awarded it the distinction of being a royal temple. Legend says a bright crystal ball can be seen over the Wihan (or shrine hall) of WatKhaoKhaeo on some nights, a miraculous phenomenon produced by sacred objects entombed inside the Chedi or stupa.

Inside a small five-spired Chedi, situated between the bell tower and the main Chedi, resides an adorned Buddha image in the Palelai (Palilayaka) posture, as well as the Lord Buddha’s footprint, both beautiful sights for locals and visitors.


The temple is located in Ton Tan Sub-district, on the right side of the Pa Sak River, 6 kilometers from Sao Hai District Office.

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