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    Wat Chimphli Sutthawat is located nearby Lat Kret river, Koh Kret Sub District, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi. It is situated on the south of Wat Poramaiyikawas which is only 800 meters far. This temple was built in the late Ayuttaya period. It was named ‘Wat Pa Fai’ at first. But, later, it has been assumed that after the renovation by King Rama II, the temple was given name after the old name of King Rama II which is ‘Chimphli’ and a garuda sign was used to be a stamp of His Majesty King Rama II.The full name of the temple is actually ‘Chimphli Sutthawat’ as the word ‘Sutthawat’ related to the old name of Wat Suthat, ‘Wat Maha Sutthawat’, which was as well renovated by the will of King Rama II.  Normally, Mon people call this temple by the name ‘Pia Toa’.There are many interesting things for you to discover here at this temple such as the ubosot and the pagoda as they are all decorated in Ayuttaya style. The ubosot consists of five storeys and the base of the ubosot was shaped like a junk together with the wooden god sculpture on the pediment. The decoration of the front pediment is pretty much similar to the one in Wat Suthat but this one is smaller. The back pediment was fully decorated with plants’ stucco. Also, the arch of the building named Sum Nha Nang is very beautiful yet delicate. The ubosot of Wat Chimphli Sutthawat is one of the most beautiful ubosot in Nonthaburi. Above the ubosot, there is a pagoda with four little pagoda surrounded. The bell inside the pagoda is decorated with colorful glasses in Mon style. Besides, there are two Chinese rock statues on both sides of the ubosot door. Anyone interested to come visit Wat Chimphli Sutthawat can come over every day from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.  

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