Wat Bang Kaphom Temple


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This ancient temple was built during the late Ayutthaya period, and holds within its walls unusual stucco reliefs. They are located on the upper walls of the main Wihan or image hall, and depict Lord Buddha’s life. On the lower part of the walls, small niches hold even more Buddha images. In the heart of the hall, a large replica of superimposed footprints of Buddha, all different sizes, is enshrined, likely constructed in the Thon Buri period. They were at first covered with sheets silver, but the temple was plundered and the silver was stolen during a war. Luckily, the deepest footprint, made from wood inlaid with mother-of-pearl, was left intact. There is a small coffee shop with a thatch roof at the entrance to the temple offering aromatic tea and coffee.


The temple is located between Km37-38 on Highway 325 (SamutSongkhram–Bang Phae).

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