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Wang Takhrai, a park a short distance from famed waterfall Namtok Sarika, is also a resort and a botanical garden belonging to the Chumphot - Phanthip Foundation. Wang Takhrai encompasses a total area of approximately 600 acres and is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, small rocky creek and wide variety of plants. In addition, there is an exciting range of activities awaiting visitors, including swimming, canoeing, cycling, or for those looking for a relaxing ride, a float down the stream on giant inner tubes. Campsites and bungalow facilities are available for visitors. 

Wang Takhrai is located in Hing Tang Sub-district, approximately 16 kilometers from Nakhon Nayok town. A fun, one-day trip is possible, as visitors may drive to all the attractions within the compound.

The park is open from 8.00 am-5.00 pm daily. 

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16 kilometres from Nakhon Nayok town.

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