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Tham Sumano is a cave found by Master Monk Dej Sumano on 28th April 1987 when he was 36 years old. He was originally from Pak Thong Chai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. He prayed in the Buddha image hall of Wat Phra Kaew for a chance to find the perfect cave to be a centre for dharma and the image of the cave appeared in his dream in April 1982. Later on, he was on pilgrimage in the Northeast, Middle, and North of Thailand with the intention to find the cave but he could not find it. During the Buddhist Lent, Master Monk Dej Sumano came to Bangkok to preach the dharma about repaying the kindness of one's master in 1985. He went to Nakhorn Pranom Province to pray for the same wish to find the cave again. In the next year, while he was staying in a Buddhist monastery during the Buddhist Lent in Chiang Dao Cave, Chiang Mai, a man came to tell the monk during his meditation that the cave was in Phatthalung Province 25km away from the downtown. It was told to be a small mountain surrounded by forests and accessible through Phet Kasem Road towards Trung. After the Buddhist Lent, he went out to find the cave. He stayed in Phuket and discussed with other Buddhists in Phuket before leaving for the cave again. He found a small mountain in a forest and climbed up to find the entrance. The cave was the same as that appeared in his dream 5 years ago so he prayed that “I will develop this cave to become a centre where Buddhists can come for the Buddha's dharma.”After he prayed, he heard responses surrounding the cave. On 8th May 1987, Master Monk Dej Sumano, a group of Buddhists from Phuket led by Mr Narong Nopdara, and several companies helped improving the cave for the first time. Later on, those who have faith raised money to buy the land in the area of two mountains and built a temple which was appointed legally as a temple called Wat Tham Sumano on 24th January 1992.People who had faith gave the land around the mountains and bought more lands until the total area was approximately 500 rai. 18 caves were found. Some have been developed while some have not. Wat Tham Sumano is located in Baan Na Sub-district, Muaeng District, Phatthalung Province.Names of 18 caves founded1. Tham Phra Ubosot2. Tham Hor Chan Banjob3. Tham Nop Dara4. Tham Orathai5.Tham Suphat Chana (Hermit)6. Tham Putta Bhundit7. Tham Nok Koom8. Tham Kaew9. Tham Mae Maha Mongkol10. Tham Nam Lord11. Tham Phayanaga12. Tham Phor Maharat13. Tham Lhuang Phor Sai14. Tham Phra That Sivalee (Waterfall)15. Tham Phra Norn16. Tham Maka17. Tham Lublae18. Tham Kang KowAll these caves spread around the two mountains. Many caves are accessible from others. The mouths face different directions.There is a map on the foothill showing the trails to the cave.

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