Tham Suea Khao Kaeo Ao Luk Thanu Caves


08.00 - 16.30

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Ban Tham Suea, Tambon Krabi Noi, Amphoe Mueang, Krabi



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Located in front of Luk Thanu Bay Range, ‘Tham Suea’ or tiger cave gets its name for many incidents including a rock looking like tiger paws and real tigers that once wandered here.

The cave itself is set among lush green forest and hundreds-year-old gigantic trees, especially in Khiri Wong Valley. Encircled by mountainous strips and numerous neighboring smaller caves like Khontan Cave, Lot Cave, Chang Kaew Cave, Luk Thanu Cave and Phra Cave, the place is peaceful enough that it turns into a medication site. Fascinatingly, it also bears an archaeological importance as stone tools, potsherd, votive tablets and unbaked clays, all are dated back to prehistoric to proto-historic eras.

For additional excursion, trekking routes and 1,272 steps will lead you to an impressive bird’s eyes view perspective of this refined natural beauty.

Getting there: 9 km drive on from Krabi municipality onto Petchakasem Road or Highway No. 4. Take a left turn onto RatsadonPhatthana Road or Highway No. 4037.


How to get there

By Car

9 kilometres from the provincial town of Krabi via Phetchakasem Road (Highway No. 4) and turning left onto Ratsadon Phatthana Road (Highway No. 4037).

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