Tham Phi Hua To Caves
Tham Phi Hua To


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Amphoe Ao Luek, Krabi



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Phi Hua To Cave is only 500 meters from Lot Cave. Being in the area of Phi Hua To Mountain, this double-path cave offers a boat-only access due to its mangrove forests surroundings. Inside the cave, there are two pathways that usually bring the visitors different experiences. The left is a shortcut that leads visitors to the back of the cave where sunlight penetrates in while the right trail directs to a natural chamber, a supposed-shelter of prehistoric men. Paintings of men, animals, human organs and seashells on the cave walls can be dated back to prehistoric time. Human skulls were also found here as its literal name ‘Phi Hua To’ or ‘big-headed ghosts’ in Thai.


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