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09.00 - 16.00

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Wat Yuan, Amphoe Chiang Kham, Phayao



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An intimate look inside a historic ethnic minority group, the Thai Lue Cultural Center is a journey through the traditions and cultures of the Thai Lue people. Their ancient clothing, architecture, cuisine and arts are on display, preserved after hundreds of years following their southward migration.

Thai Lue textiles are particularly ornate, with coveted fabrics in the patterns of Lai Dok Kho Khruea, Lai Dok Kho, Lai Ma, and Lai Dok Tang. The Thai Lue Cultural Center also functions as a valued vocational training center, allowing Thai Lue people to supplement their income.

Located next to Wat Yuan in Amphoe Chiang Kham, the center is open 9.00 am-4.00 pm. Further information is available at 0 5371 7433 or 0 5374 4674-5

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