Taloh-manoh Mosque (Wadil-husen Mosque or the 300-year Mosqu Mosque


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Ban Talo-mano Tambon Lubosawo, Amphoe Bacho, Narathiwat



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Situated in Bacho District, this mosque is often dubbed the 200 year-old or 300 year-old mosque by locals. It is said that Wan Husen As-sanawi, a migrant from Ban Sano Yanya, Pattani, built this mosque in 1624. Initially, it had a palm-leaf roof, but it was later upgraded to terracotta. This distinctive mosque consists of two connected buildings made entirely of Takhian wood, with wood bolts instead of nails.  The buildings are in a local Thai style that was influenced by Chinese and Malay arts.

A highlight of the structure is the majestic roof gable base. The tower also has a Chinese-style pavilion on the back roof, with the walls made of whole pieces of wood and cutout windows. Its air ventilation channels are carved with floral and Chinese motifs, a beautiful sight.

Please note that permission from the village Imam is required for tours of the interior of the mosque, though the exterior is open to public viewing.

The mosque is located in Ban Talo Mano, Tambon Lubo Sawo. It is 25 kilometers from the town of Narathiwat. To get there, follow Highway No. 42 and take a turn at the junction in Ban Bue Ra-ngae.

The mosque is open daily from 8.00 am-5.00 pm.


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