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Address : 25 หมู่ที่ 6 ตำบลบางตลาด อำเภอคลองเขื่อน จังหวัดฉะเชิงเทรา 24110

Telephone : 08 1218 8223, 08 1372 1196, 08 1868 1174

Operating day : All Day

Operating time : 09.30 - 17.00

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Attraction Details

Suanpalmfarmnok (or Parrots and Palm Resort) is located at 25 Moo 6, Wanapoot 6 Road, Bang Talat Sub-District, about 20 kilometers from Chachoengsao. Visitors who come from Bangkla has to go pass King Taksin the Great Stupa Memorial and Bang Talat District for a kilometer. Suanpalmfarmnok is situated on the opposite side from Khlong Khuan Police Booth. The area spreads over 100 Rai with several kinds of ornamental palms. It is a place where various species of parrots have been preserved. Suanpalmfarmnok also breeds and sells Blue and Gold macaw, Scarlet macaw, Green-winged macaw, Hyacinth macaw, cockatoo, French Mastiff (dog), and several types of palm trees such as Bismarck palm, Dwarf Fan Palm, Victoria, Korad, Foxtail palm, River, Date palm and Cuban petticoat palm etc.  The farm aims to promote and help educate the public on how to raise parrots. Also, it tries to save and protect the rare exotic birds for people in the next generation. The farm also allows people to see how the birds are bred and produced. Dr. Pokin Polkul and his friends who enjoy studying about parrots and protecting them established Suanpalmfarmnok in 1995. They think that parrots are one of the amazing species on earth because they are not only beautiful and colorful, but also smart and able to adapt themselves and live with humans. Parrots can think like a 4 year-old-child and able to learn how to talk and interact with people. They are one of the faithful pets that love the owner and need no much attention.  At present, the farm owns more than 2,000 parrots and over 80 rare species. These birds live in a clean, natural and green environment with several kinds of palm trees all around. These parrots are well cared in every aspect, from food to breeding area, for the best of their health. Specialists are there to check the cleanliness and the health of the birds’ everyday.  Visitors are welcome to have a tour and shop. The entrance fee for children is 50 baht while it is 100 baht for adults. The farm opens 9:30-17:00 hours. Reservations are required for all group visits. Please contact 081-2188223, 081-3721196, 081-8681174 or www.suanpalmfarmnok in advance.  

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จากตลาดบางคล้า ไปทางอนุสรณ์สถานพระสถูปเจดีย์สมเด็จพระเจ้าตากสินมหาราช ผ่านตำบลบางตลาด  ไปประมาณ 1 กิโลเมตร อยู่ตรงข้ามป้อมตำรวจอำเภอคลองเขื่อน

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