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Amphoe Thung Tako, Chumphon


0 7753 6338-9.

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This orchard and garden produces high quality fruits, such as tangerines, papayas, dragon fruits, and Mayong Chit (also known as Marrian plums). The orchard is a welcome stop along the highway, offering a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a souvenir shop set in a lush green garden. Suan Nai also offers a special attraction: toilets that was awarded the title of the nation’s best toilets in 2006. Some are built of beautiful natural stone; others of brick or tile. One toilet, dubbed Tarzan’s Toilet, is built up in a tree. Another is in a deep hole and can only be reached by climbing down a ladder. 

Surrounded by flowers, trees and miniature water falls, these toilets, despite some of the unusual designs, are ideal places to sit and contemplate nature. The Ministry of Public Health has proclaimed Suan Nai Dum as a national public toilet learning center.

Nai Dum Fruit Orchard is open every day, 24 hours a day. For more information, call 0 7753 6338-9 or visit the website at www.suannaidum.com.

Suan Nai Dum is located in Amphoe Thung Tako on Highway 41, about 54 kilometers from the district town.  

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