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Sri Nan National park has areas around 583,750 rai or 934 square km. It is located in Waengsa District, Nanoi District and Namuen District. There are mountain in North and South that are parallel in west and east side. This makes the area separated into 2 parts which are west area and east area. Two sides of river are mixed deciduous forest and dry dipterocarp forest. In the mountain, there are hill evergreen forest, dry evergreen forest and pine forest. You can see several rare animals such as many types of peacocks, leopards, black panthers, bears, deer, wolves and Asian wild dog. There are also a lot of important wild animals which are forest elephants, Bantengs and Gaurs. These wild animals go back and forth from Thailand to Lao.
    Interesting tourist attractions are below;
1.Samur Dao Mountain and Hua Sing Cliff
    Samur Dao Mountain has large areas which are perfect place for watching sunrise and sunset. In the same time, you can also see sea mist in the morning and enjoy stars and lights from Nanoi District at night.
    Hua Sing Cliff is a cliff that looks like a crouching lion which turns its head to east. You can enjoy 360 degrees scenario around here. In North, you can see Waengsa District. In South,  you can see tremendous mountains. In East, you can see Shu Cliff and Nan River. In West, you can see almost all of Nanoi District and beautiful sunset. Moreover, there is also a nature trail for adventurous people.
2. Shu Cliff
    It is a large stone cliff  that is located among hunred thousands-rai green mountains. National park office is located in Shu Cliff. In winter, you can see sea mist from Shu Cliff. When there is less mist, you can see Nan river at the edge of Shu Cliff Forest which has the highest flag pole in Thailand. In order to make the flag go to the highest point which is around 200 metre above the ground, people have to sing Thailand’s national anthem about 12 times. The top of Shu Cliff is a perfect place to see sunrise. The distance is approximately 2 km. When you almost reach the top part of the cliff, there are a lot of dangerous stones. Therefore, due to the convenience of climbing, you should bring canvas shoes. This trip will take 1-2 hours. If you want to go, please contact navigating officer.
    If you want to come to Sri Nan National Park, use highway number 1083 (Nanoi-Panghi) and go on this way about 20 km. Along the way, there is a view point where you can clearly see mountain in the national park and Nan river which flows from the park to Paknai District. The forests located here are mixed deciduous forest. Thus, if you came here in February, you can see leaf color change which is very beautiful.

Admission fee is 100 bath for adults and 50 bath for children.


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