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A vast open ground situated near the northern wall of the Grand Palace and the eastern wall of the former Viceroy Palace or Wang Na.



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Sanam Luang is a multi-purpose, leisure park at the heart of Bangkok, located in the north of The Grand Palace near Chao Phraya River. Sanam Luang was formerly called Thung Phra Mane, which means the royal crematorium ground in Thai, as it was used as a location for several crematoriums of members of the royal family. Sounded unpleasantly somehow, King Rama IV renamed this 78-rai space as Sanam Luang, which means the royal ground in Thai, along with planting 365 tamarind trees around the park during his reign. Sanam Luang, though, has still been used as a location of royal crematoriums for high-level members of the royal family. In November, the season of tradewind, Sanam Luang turns into a playgound for kite players.

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Admission : Free

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