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Sakai Village Sakai Village


at Mu 3, Tambon Ban Rae, Amphoe Than To, Yala



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A minority tribal group, the Sakai people once subsisted on hunting and gathering. They are respected for their knowledge of herbs and their use of blow darts for hunting, living in homes of bamboo and thatched roofs. The Department of Social Work later developed the area into a village, and trained the Sakai people to plant and harvest rubber. The Princess Mother bestowed upon the Sakai people the surname of Si Than To. At present, some of the members still remain in the village, though others have moved to other areas.


The Sakai Village is located at Mu 3, Tambon Ban Rae, Amphoe Than To, approximately 80 kilometers on the road to Betong district. 

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about 80 kilometres on the road to Betong

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