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Sa Saksit (Sacred Pond)

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Sa Saksit (Sacred Pond) -


Amphoe Mueang, Suphanburi



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Sa Saksit, or “Sacred Pond”, comprises six ponds that are used as the source for sacred water used in royal ceremonies. The Fine Arts Department have registered them as historic sites, though none have yet been restored. Initially, Sa Saksit comprised only four ponds: Sa Kaeo, Sa Kha, Sa Yommana, and Sa Ket. Two more ponds were added later: Sa Amarit 1 and Sa Amarit 2. King Rama V visited these sacred ponds, hence the village nearby was renamed as Ban Tha Sadet, or “Royal Visit Village”. He noted that it is unclear how these ponds came to be considered sacred, and speculated that an important guru’s influence may have been the reason.

As the ponds are sacred, it is prohibited to fish or take water from the ponds. Grass surrounds the ponds and have made Sa Saksit perfect habitats for many crocodiles.

The ponds are in Tambon Sa Kaeo, between Km 7-8 of Highway 322, opposite the Tha Sadet Bird Sanctuary, and 13 kilometers from downtown.


They are open to visitors 24 hours a day, every day.

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