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If you wish to go to somewhere cooler but do not want to travel too far, we would like to recommend Suan Pueng which has many months of cool weather during winter. Suan Pueng is located at the west border of Thailand. It is a place of beautiful scenery among the hills. Once a mining area it is now filled with many boutique resorts. It is popular for wedding couples and many families bring their children to come and take photos with the sheep in the farm. The most popular activity that the tourists do is to watch the sunrise at the peak of Kra Jom Mountain. During winter, Suan Pueng has a candle in the winter festival of music.

Suan Pueng also has a local museum named Pawothai which is opened only on Saturdays and Sundays. This museum is a Thai style house that displays many antiques.

Suan Pueng still preserves a country living style. Tourists who travel here can get a taste of original Thai food. Many restaurants here still preserve the old way of cooking and all the dishes are freshly made such as tom yum pla chon fried fish-paste balls. We recommend the restaurant krua kareang which is located near the district office. The popular food to buy here is chili galiang, which is a kind of chili that used to be grown by the Karen hill tribe people. This chili is orange color, sharp tip, slender and is organically grown.

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