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Kob Prapassara, the gorgeous superstar who owns fame until nowadays, is the owner of this vineyard. This place is where the restaurant, vineyard and big horse farm can be found. The horse farm is the house of the famous horse who won award in Asian Games competition. This is another interesting tourist attraction of Sara Buri province, close to Bangkok and has many activities for family.With over 1,600,00 square meters area which covers two hills, Prapassara vineyard has more than enough space for the biggest horse farm in Thailand and the vineyards of three top grade grapes which are Black Knight, the seedless black grapes which can be eaten fresh or processed into grape juice, pie stuffing or other products; Loose Perlette, the seedless sweet green grapes which are usually eaten fresh and Cavier which is widely popular since it has black color, the small size clustered in bunches like the pepper and extra sweet taste. It is suggested to eat the whole bunch which is different from the other species. Here, they adapt non-toxic plantation which means no pesticide is used and non-bird harm. Only the scarecrows are used. Moreover, Prapassara vineyard adds up the color of itself by owning the ostrich farm and the yellow sunflower field.The recommended activities are tasting grapes and products made from grapes such as fresh grape juice, grape pie and grape ice cream. Other activities are walk-rally, biking around the hill slopes, riding horse around the farm and taking photos are the souvenirs. In front of the entrance are the parking zone and souvenirs shops while the restaurants are located inside. Other nearby important tourist attractions are Pah Sak Chonlasit Dam and the tree tunnel.Prapassara vineyard opens every day: 10.00 – 22.00 hours on Mondays to Saturdays and 08.00 – 22.00 hours on Sunday. The admission is free.The vineyard is located at 198, Moo 1, Muak Lek road, Wang Muang, Sara Buri province. From Sara Buri province, drive to Muak Lek. When you see Kru Toh stall, keep left and drive for another 20 kilometers. Then drive to Pah Sak Chonlasit Dam direction and you will see Prapassara vineyard.For more information, please call 036-364-475. It is suggested to call and ask whether the grapes have been collected.   

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