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Plong Liam -


Mu 10 Tambon Tha Mai, Amphoe Krathm Baen, Samut Sakhon



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Built in 1824, Plong Liam, or “Square Chimney”, was once a furnace that functioned as part of a sugar factory owned by Captain Hit, a Portuguese businessman. The Rama III-era structure is made of bricks and cement, standing 4 meters tall on a 4 meter-square base. An octagonal chimney rises 30 meters from the furnace.

During the early 1800s, Portuguese immigrants to Thailand took advantage of the location’s plentiful sugarcane plantations, building sugarcane press factories known as Rong Hip. However, when seawater began seeping into the nearby river canals, killing swathes of sugarcane fields, the factories shut down from lack of raw material and were abandoned.

Plong Liam is situated at Mu 10, TambonTha Mai, near the basketball court inside Ban Plong Liam School, on the bank of the Tha Chin River. To get there, take Phetchakasem Road, passing PhutthamonthonSai 4 Intersection to the Flora Inn Intersection (1 kilometer before the elephant show space) and turn left for approximately 4 kilometers, passing WatTha Kham. Cross the ChaloemPhrakiat Bridge to WatThianDat–SuanPhak Intersection. Then, go straight on for approximately 3 kilometers to WatTha Mai and go further for 500 meters and turn right for 500 meters to reach this fascinating site.


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