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Many decades ago, people saw Burmese people stole minerals from mines in Pilok Sub-District area and sold to English soldiers. Department of Natural Resources at that time sent officers to explore the area and found that the area was full of tin and wolfram. The other mineral usually found in this area was tungsten which mixed with other minerals. Gold was also found mixing with tin. In 1940, Mine Organization, Department of Natural Resources opened the first “Pilok Mine” at Baan Etong, Pilok Sub-District. From that time, there was a confrontation between police officers and Burmese labors because Thai officers prohibited Burmese labors from selling minerals to English people but the Burmese people disobeyed. This mine therefore was called “MuangPeelok” (means “The Ghost Mine”). Later, the sound was changed into “Pilok” and has become the name of the mine and the sub-district. After that, about 50-60 large and small mines were established. People called mines in this area as “Pilok Mine”. This land is the treasure of mine owners. There are many adventurers were from Thailand, Burma, and India. The mine thus brought fertility to nearby communities.

To travel to Pilok from Bangkok, use the Public Highway No. 4 (Petchakasem Road). After passing Nakorn Pathom Province for about 9 kilometers, there will be a bridge to Kanchanaburi Province. Drive along the Public Highway No. 323 for about 7 kilometers and turn right at the intersection (turning left is to Baanpong and going ahead is to Kangkao Cave) to Muang District of Kanchanaburi Province. Then go ahead to Kaengsean intersection. Drive to Thongpapoom District and pass Saiyok Noi and Saiyok Yai (km. 125 of the Public Highway No. 323). At the T-junction (going ahead is to Thongpapoom District and Khaolam Dam and turning right is to Sangklaburi District), go ahead to Thongpapoom District for about 25 kilometers. The route goes through the mountain slope. It is quite narrow and has various bends. When arriving at Thongpapoom National Park, continue driving for 2.5 kilometers. The way to the Jokkrading Waterfall is on the right hand side. Next, there is a way on the left hand side, the downhill route to Somsak Mine (Baan Paklen) as the sign shows. Continuing driving, you will see a retail shop and Pilok District Police Station. Turn left and continue driving for 3 kilometers. The route is devious to Changsuk Frontier Police Station. Pass Chong KhaoKhat and then Thai-Burma friendship point or Nern Chaktong. There are two flags to declare the area of Thailand and Burma. From the area of Thailand, you will see Etong market and gas tubes under construction for sending gas from Burma to Thailand. Continue driving downhill to the route to Etong Village. Pickup cars and cars with four wheel drive system are recommended. For visitors who use personal cars (not four wheel drive system) can park at Thongpapoom District Police Station and use the car four wheel drive system of Somsak Mine which will pick you up at the appointed time and bring you to various points in Pilok.


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