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Taking the total area of 218,750 Rai, the park covers areas in Amphoe Phu Pha Man and Amphoe Chum Phae of Khon Kaen as well as Amphoe Phu Kradueng in Loei province. The natural landmark of this park is the towering limestone cliff that looks like a huge curtain. The lush jungle and mixed forest keep this place cool almost all the year round. Attractions in this national park include;

            Tham Klang Khao: The cave is in Phu Pha Man Mountain, 2.5 kilometres from Amphoe Phu Pha Man where the entrance is around 100 meters above ground level. Inside is the habitat of millions of bats, which its accumulated droppings caused a very strong smell. Every evening, around 6pm, these bats will leave the cave in line which takes around 30-45 minutes until the last bat leaves the cave, over 10 kilometers long.

            Tham Phra: Next to Tham Klangkhao, this cave has a natural tunnel sloping up to the crest of Phu Pha Man, but it is quite difficult to get through. The cave houses beautiful stalagmites, stalactites, and big stone pillars where the entrance is accessible by car in any season. Winter, from November to February, is the best period to visit the cave.

            Tham Pu Ta Lo: The cave is in Ban Wang Sawap, 17 kilometres from Amphoe Phu Pha Man. Cars can access to the entrance only in summer from November-April. The cave has a spacious chamber, covering over a 1 Rai area. With flat soil ground and 5-7 meter high ceiling, good ventilation allows visitors to enjoy admiring the cave comfortably. Stalagmites and stalactites remain untouched. Some glittering stones look like rock crystals.

            Namtok Tat Fa: Tat Fa creek is the natural borderline between Amphoe Phu Pha Man of Khon Kaen and Amphoe Nam Nao of Phetchabun, cascades through five steps to form this waterfall. The last step is the most impressive one with a height of 80 meters. In the rainy season, from late May to early October is the best period to visit the waterfall. Namtok Tat Fa is in Ban Dong Sakhran, Mu 7 Tambon Wang Sawap, around 40 kilometers from Amphoe Phu Pha Man. Cars can reach Ban Tat Fa, but then visitors have to trek to the waterfall.

            Namtok Tat Yai: The big waterfall originates from Tat Fa Creek. The creek cascades through small waterfalls before going through a big cliff at 80 meters high. Namtok Tat Yai is the highest waterfall in the park.

            Namtok Tat Rong: With the height of 60-70 meters, the waterfall originates from Phong River that runs from Phu Kradueng. The waterfall borders Phu Kradueng National Park and Phu Pha Man National Park. The ancient myth said that the waterfall can sing as water runs upon a piece of thin stone, the falling water veers off into different rock holes nearby and fills the forest with strange sounds.

            Tham Phaya Nakharat: As winding as a giant naga, the one-kilometer long cave is naturally decorated with glittering curtain-like stalagmites and stalactites. Cars can access up to the entrance.

            Tham Lai Thaeng: Some 800 meters from Tham Phaya Nakharat is Tham Lai Thaeng which wall has ancient paintings throughout around two-square meter area. The paintings contain 70 pictures of humans, animals, and others, reflects culture and life in the pre-historical period back to over 2,000 years ago.
The national park has not any accommodation and facility for tourists. Visitors should prepare everything by themselves.

            Pu Lup: The cave is on Highway 201. Its five chambers are all decorated with glittering stalagmites and stalactites. The cave contains water the year round.

            Pha Nok Khao: The towering cliff of black rock by the Phong River looks like an owl or Nok khao in Thai. It is 125 kilometers from Khon Kaen. Tourists can get there through Highway 2 and 201 (Khon Kaen-Wang Saphung) which Pha Nok Khao is on the left of Ban Dong Lan. The best location to see the owl-shape cliff is at the orchid nursery of the Forestry Department on the other side of the road.

There is another nearby place known as Namtok Tat Ron, or Namtok  Tat Hong in local dialect. The 70-matre high waterfall is located in neighboring Loei province on the boundary of Phu kradueng national Park, Phu Pha Man National Park and the Phong River. The sound made by the waterfall when cascading onto a huge a large stone slab beneath is how the waterfall derived its name.

Opening hours: Daily from 6.00-18.00

Admission fee is 100 bath for adults and 50 bath for children.

Contact: Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department at Tel. 0 2562 0760. www.dnp.go.thTham 

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