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Amphoe That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom


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   The most important Buddhist site in the province, Phra That Phanom features a 53-meter-tall, square-shaped pagoda, which is a Laotian-influenced shape of numerous pagodas found around the area. It is believed that Phra That Phanom was originally built before the 12th Buddhist century, but it entirely collapsed on August 11, 1975 after several days of rainstorm. The current pagoda was later build according to the former design by local donations. Shine underneath the sun atop the pagoda is a 110-kilogram solid gold spire.


Getting there: It is located 50 kilometers from town on Highway No.212.


How to get there

By Car

It is located 50 kilometers from Nakhon Phanom town on Highway No. 212.

By Bus

Air-conditioned coaches and buses regularly leave the provincial bus terminal for the stupa.

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