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Address : Ban Yang Noi, village number 2, Ban Yang Sub-district, Kaset Sombun District, Chaiyaphum Province

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Operating day : All Day

Operating time : 08.30 - 16.30

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                Phra That Kut Chok is located in Ban Yang Noi, village number 2, Ban Yang Sub-district, Kaset Sombun District, Chaiyaphum Province. According to the evidence found in Laotian annals, around 1035 A.D. before Khmer Empire was in power, Lanchang Kingdomhad expanded its power and ruled the northeast region, including Lavo Kingdom (Lopburi Province at present). People in Lanchang Kingdomspread and reserved their culture, as seen in the construction of Phra That which was scattered throughout Kaset Sombun District. Phra That Kut Chok is an ancient archeological site which is totally important to people in Kaset Sombun District. It is approximately 1,200 years old. In the past, there were three Phra That. The first one was around 15 meters tall. It looked like a stupa with eight heads of naga on the top of Phra That in eight direction. At present, it is dilapidated and destroyed, leaving only one head. Inside of it housed a standing Buddha image in the attitude of being in pensive thought with his eyeslooking aheadin a calm manner. Both of his hands hung in front of his lap with left hand on top of the other. The second one was ruined, leaving only a half of it. The last one, which was situated behind the large one, was excavated and destroyed by the wrongdoers who wanted to search for Buddha images and antiques. People call it Phra That Kut Chok because there is abrook called Kut Chok nearby at the north of Phra That. The brook is long and very deep. It is a habitat of the wild white crocodiles as well as large bask of crocodile followers. There are also some superstitions occurred here. An old man witnessed the incident and explained that anyone who spoke or acted disparagingly or disrespectfully would suffer misfortune immediately; for example, being attacked and eaten by bask of crocodiles which wouldcome out from the brook. Another miracle which sometimes happened was a strong wind like when it is raining, causing flood around Phra That. People tried to escape but, after that for a while,the disastrous incident disappeared and people would realize that there were not any rain or flood harming them. From the past up to present, people in the villages nearby have widely respected Phra That Kut Chok and come to worship it. They also hold a tradition of sprinkling water onto Phra That on the 15th day during the waxing moon of the 5th lunar month annually withoutany appointment. This tradition is observed every year and is conserved by people in Yang NoiSub-district. Sometimes, the tradition is held for three days three nights with a grand celebration.

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