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Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok


Tambon Mueang Phan, Amphoe Ban Phue, Udon Thani





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This rock formation, believed to be a footprint of the Buddha, is in Phu Phra Bat Historical Park and is housed in the Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok shrine, built between 1920-1934. Located on the left side of the way to the park headquarters, the shrine is named after a plant growing in the area where the footprint was found. The footprint is an impression in the rocky ground about 60 centimeters deep, 1.93 meters long and 90 centimeters wide.

Originally, a Mondop structure was built to enshrine the footprint. In 1922, this shrine was replaced with a pagoda called Phra That Chedi. The pagoda where Lord Buddha’s relics are contained is in the shape of an angular lotus similar to Phra That Phanom. A celebration and temple fair to pay homage to PhraPhutthabat Bua Bok is held from the thirteenth waxing moon day to the full moon day of the third lunar month every year.

The Phu Phra Bat Historical Park is 67 kilometers from Udon Thani town. Drive along Highway No. 2 northward towards NongKhai and turn left at Km. 13 to Highway No. 2021. Head for Amphoe Ban Phue for 42 kilometers, turn right and go on for 500 meters. Drive straight along Highway No. 2348 for another 12 kilometers and turn right for approximately 2 kilometers before reaching the park.


The park is open daily 8.30 am-4.30 pm. 

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