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Amphoe Lang Suan, Chumphon



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Only 1 kilometer from shore, this island in Tambon Bang Nam Chuet has beautiful rock formations and several fishing villages. The former name of this island is “Ko Phee Tak” because villagers believed that there are ghosts (or “Phee”) on the island. The island has some beautiful reefs, and villages dot the island. There is also a 200-metre high scenic point, which offers beautiful views. Activities and home-stay accommodation are provided by local villagers. When the tide is low you can walk from the shore to the island.

This small island located at Mu 14, Tambon Pak Nam Jued, 25 kilometres from Lang Suan municipality office. There is a long-tail boat service from Ao Krok pier to Phithak island with a transfer fee of 20 baht per person. 

For information, please contact  08 1093 1443 or 08 9018 0644.

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