Phanom Sawai Forest Park Parks & Gardens

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Phanom Sawai Forest Park comprises a mountain with three peaks. The first peak, Yot Khao Chai, is 210 meters high. Yot Khao Chai, where a temple called Wat Phanom Sawai is situated, is accessible by stairs. It houses a Buddha image called Phra Surintharamongkhon, and is shaded by lush forests, containing a large pond.

The second peak, Yot Khao Ying, is home to a medium-sized Buddha image. The third peak, Yot Khao Kok, is home toan octagonal pavilion built by Surin’s Buddhist Association to mark the 200th anniversary of the founding of Bangkok. The pavilion houses a Buddha’s footprint relocated from Yot Khao Chai. Surin Buddhists consider travel to the peaks a pilgrimage, where travellers walk en masse to the peak on the first waning day of April, a holiday held since ancient times.

The forest park is 22 kilometers from Surin City Hall. Motorists should takeHighway No. 214 (Surin-Prasat) for 14 kilometers, then turn right and keep going for 6 kilometers further to reach the park.

How to get there

By Car

From Amphur Muang Surin, take the Surin-Prasat road for around 14 kilometers to Baan Kanob. Then, take the junction to Baan Kanob-Baan Sawai for around 6 kilometers. The road up to Sawai Mountain is a 2 lanes paved road, 5 meters wide. 


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