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Wasukri beach is located in Talubun sub-district, Saiburi district, Patthani. It is one of the interesting places in Patthani. Owing to annual fishing competition held in Patthani, this beach is quite well known since it is the center of fishing athletes from all over the country.

            Wasukri beach or Banpatayimo beach has a beach along with trees. If you stay overnight, you can stay at Bungalow. On the contrast, if you do not want to spend a night here, you can make one-day trip.

            The highlight of this place is a big clean white beach with a lot of trees. There is not much slope here. It is a perfect place for relaxing, swimming and doing other activities on the beach.

            About the direction, Wasukri beach is far from Patthani for about 52 km. and far from Saiburi district for around 2 km. If you want to come here by car, you can use Patthani-Narathiwat highway or go to Saiburi district (This way, you will see Kaekae beach first.). You can also turn left at the intersection and directly go to Saiburi district.


            Wasukri is a good place not only for people who love fishing, but also families who want to spend time together in holidays. Moreover, it is also good for people who want to relax from exhausting work.

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