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Old City of Uthai Thani Old City of Uthai Thani


Ban Uthai Thani Kao, Amphoe Mueang,Uthai Thani



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Old City of Uthai Thani is located at Ban Uthai Thani Kao, its home since the Ayutthaya period. Some ruins still stand, including those of temples such as Wat Hua Mak, Wat Yang and Wat Kuti, but the surrounding areas have been cultivated as rice fields.

The best-preserved temple is Wat Chaeng, with a spire or Prang built in 1538, its tip destroyed by a conquering Burmese army. In 1985, the spire was once again repaired to its former glory. Artistic touches in the stucco relief patterns of the spire, the ordination hall and gables reveal a common origin, likely made by the same craftsmen. Wat Hua Mueang is also still standing, containing the ruins of an Ayutthaya-style ordination hall and an ancient pagoda in front of its old ordination hall.

To get there, from Nong Chang Market at Prasat Wet School T-Junction, drive along the route to Wat Nong Khun Chat. Turn right at the T-junction and drive toward the opposite direction to Wat Nong Khun Chat for about 1 kilometer until you arrive at Wat Chaeng. Wat Hua Mueang is 1 kilometer past Wat Chaeng. 


The ancient city is open daily from 8.00 am-6.00 pm.

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