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อุทยานแห่งชาติออบขาน อุทยานแห่งชาติออบขาน


Nam Prae sub-district, Hang Dong district in Chiangmai  


+66 5381 8348

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Ob Khan National Park
Ob Khan National Park is located in Nam Prae sub-district, Hang Dong district in Chiangmai with the area of approximately 484 square kilometers or 302,500 fields covering many districts in Chiangmai province such as Sameng district, Hang Dong district, Mae Wang district and San Pa Tong district.
The geographical features of the national park are made of limestone and igneous rock mountains consisting of hill evergreen forest, pine forest, dry evergreen forest, mixed forest and deciduous dipterocarp forest. It is the river source of the Wang River, the Win River and the Kan River. This national park is also the only place in Thailand where Dendrobium Wardianum which blooms in January can be found.   
To visit the national park, from Chiangmai, take the paved road following irrigation canal (the highway 121) to Hang Dong district around 15 kilometers. Turn right following ARD road, Nam Prae-Ob Khan route, for another 10 kilometers (the road is paved road switched with gravel road which is steep and curved) and you will see the national park office.
The first Ob Khan National Park’s popular attraction among tourists is Ob Khan located far from the national park office about 450 meters. Though it is a steep cliff, the size is smaller and its height is approximately 30 meters where the Mae Kan River flows through. The cliff is also appeared in various shapes due to current’s erosion.
The next attraction is Huai Ya Sai; the water level is quite shallow, perfect for wading in. there are green swamp rice grass growing and blooming near the shore. Next to the grass about 500 meters, there is a small cliff called Pha Toob; it is a big overhanging rock which is eroded into interesting shape. Huai Ya Sai is around 1 kilometer away from the national park office.
Other interesting attractions include Huai Pong which is 2 kilometers away from the office, perfect for going in, Pha Lai, Khun Puai Waterfall, Mae Tien Waterfall, Doi Ton  Cave, Mae To hot spring, Morakot Waterfall, Mae Mood Waterfall, Khun Win Waterfall, Mae Wang Waterfall, Tukgataen Cave and other
Nature trails.
Campsites, shops and facilities are available for tourists at Ob Khan National Park but the campsite is closed during 1st May – 31st August each year.
Tourists can book the campsite in advance at Ob Khan National Park or Nakornping National Park Coordination, Center Forest Office of Chiangmai Tel. 0 5381 8348

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จากตัวเมืองเชียงใหม่ใช้ถนนเลียบคลองชลประทาน ทางหลวงหมายเลข 121 เป็นทางลาดยาง ไปทางอำเภอหางดง ประมาณ 15 กิโลเมตร แล้วเลี้ยวขวาไปตามถนนรพช.สายบ้านน้ำแพร่-ออบขาน ไปอีก 10 กิโลเมตร จะถึงที่ทำการอุทยานฯ เดินเท้าต่อประมาณ 450 เมตรจะถึงออบขาน

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