Nong Kut Thing River, Canal
Nong Kut Thing

River, Canal

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Amphoe Mueang, Buengkan



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‘Kut’ means a large swamp or marsh where many streams meet in the local dialect. ‘Thing’ is assumed to be derived from the word Krathing or Bull. Therefore, ‘Kut Thing’ preferably means the swamp where lots of bulls and cows gather for water.

The 16,500-rai or 26-square-kilometre area of Nong Kut Thing is 5 kilometres to the south of Amphoe Mueng Buen Kan and has a distinctive butterfly’s wing aerial view. Nong Kut Thing is connected to Mekong River; therefore, has the exceptional biodiversity, with the depth of 2-5 metres or even 10 metres in the flood season. With 250 species of freshwater animals, a wide range of bird species, and 200 more of aquatic plants, this fertile natural resource significantly contributes to food security, social stability and sound economy of 23,000 people from 40 communities surrounding it.

The Ramsar Convention is the convention on wetlands, initiated in the city of Ramsar, Iran in 1971, with the mission to protect and prevent the depletion of all wetlands by promotion of conservation and wise use. Because of the great significance of marshlands in terms of biological, cultural and social diversity, Thailand joined the treaty as the 110th member on May 13th, 1998 and also proposed Khuan Khi Sian of the Thale Noi Non-Hunting area in Phatthalung province as the two first Thai Wetlands of International Importance.


Nong Kut Thing was designated as the 12th Wetland of International Importance in Thailand and the 1733th of the Convention in 2008.

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