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NunthaburiNational Parkcovers an area of Mueang Nan district and Ban Luang district, as well as, a compound of the Nam Yao – Nam Suak and Tham Phu Toei National Forest Reserves. It comprises mixed deciduous forests, dried evergreen forest and hill evergreen forest. It is also a habitation area of the Mlabri or Tong Lueang Tribe.

Interesting attractions in the national park are as follows:

·        Doi Pha Chi FromNan, take Highway No. 1091 for 40 kilometers until reaching Ban Luang district and take Highway No. 1172 to Ban Phi Nuea to Doi Pha Chi for 30 kilometers. Doi Pha Chi was once a stronghold of communist insurgents, whose equipments such as the electricity generator and water pipes still remain in the area.

·        Doi Wao is under the supervision of the Nam Khang Watershed Development Unit. It is the great viewpoint to admire the sea of fog and the golden forest during the sunset. The area was once a much declined forest. However, at present, it has been revived by the Watershed Development Unit which growing the original plants such as wild apples, maples, and Pinus kesiya. Prior to Doi Wao, visitors will pass Doi Tio which is a very well-known tourist attraction ofNan. Doi Wao is 4 kilometres from the National Park Office. It is accessible by car to the Watershed Development Unit and continue by walking to the mountain summit. Along the way is an abundant forest, and a habitat of highland birds which migrate here during winter such as grey-cheeked fulvetta, long-tailed sibia, yellow-cheeked tit, white-browed shrike-babbler, red-billed scimitar-babbler, etc.

Other interesting attractions are the Santi Suk Waterfall, Song Khwae Waterfall, Huai Phrik Waterfall, Tat Fa Rong Waterfall, Doi Mok Waterfall, andhot springs.

Accommodation: The National Park provides rental tents for tourists. Contact 0-81602-7286.


Opening hours: 6 am-6 pm

Admission: -

Contact: 08 1706 8506, 08 1042 8893, www.dnp.go.th

To get there: From Tha Wang Pha district, take Highway No. 1082, Tha Wang Pha – Sop Khun for approximately 27 kilometers. Turn right at a crossroad and go further for 500 meters to the Office of the National Park. Otherwise, take Highway 1080 from the town ofNantoTha Wang Pha.Take Highway1148, the Tha Wang Pha – Song Khwae route for 1.5 kilometers and turn into Yai Nun –Sop Khun Roadto Km. 27 and turn right further for 500 meters.

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