Namtok Takhro and Namtok Salatdai Waterfalls


08.00 - 17.00

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Ban Ta Khro, Tambon Bu Fai, Amphoe Prachantakham, Prachin Buri


08 6092 6529, 0 3735 6033, 0 4424 9305

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Both waterfalls are located in Ban Takhro, Tambon Bu Fai.  A suspension bridge hangs across the Takhro Waterfall. Hills hem in the waterfall on the left, though the right holds lush forests perfect for relaxation.  From Takhro Waterfall, there is a walkway along the stream for another 2 kilometers to Salat Dai Waterfall. On the way, there are many beautiful swimming spots.

For any journey to Salat Dai Waterfall, tourists should first contact an officer at 10th Ranger Unit of Khao Yai National Park at Takhro Waterfall.

To get there, from Prachin Buri town, take Highway No.3452 (to Prachantakham) for 16 kilometers. Turn right onto Highway No.33 to Prachantakham Intersection, and then turn left into an access road. Alternatively, from Noen Hom Intersection, turn right to Highway No.33 to See Yaek Prachantakham, and then turn left to the access road ford for 16 kilometers. Walk for about 500 meters Takhro Waterfall.


For more information, please call 08 6092 6529, 0 3735 6033, or 0 4424 9305.

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