Namtok La-ong Rung (Rainbow Waterfall) Waterfalls

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Namtok La-ong Rung (Rainbow Waterfall) Namtok La-ong Rung (Rainbow Waterfall)


situated on Tambon Ban Rae the boundary between Amphoe Than To and Amphoe Betong, Yala



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This waterfall takes its name for the beautiful rainbows (Rung in Thai) visible in the cascading water bouncing off the rocks below, which are especially frequent during the rainy season. A slippery trek leads along a stream to the waterfall, and visitors are advised to be careful whennavigating the route.


Namtok La-ong Rung is situated in Tambon Ban Rae, on the boundary between Amphoe Than To and Amphoe Betong. To get there, from Amphoe Mueang, take the Yala -Betong roadfor 90 kilometers. Turn right onto a dirt road about 40 kilometers before reaching Amphoe Betong, continuing for about 100 meters before reaching the waterfall.

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about 90 kilometres on the Yala-Betong road from Amphoe Mueang. Turn right onto a dirt road at about 40 kilometres before reaching Amphoe Betong, for about 100 metres

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