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Tambon Sema, Amphoe Sung Noen, Nakhon Ratchasima



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Located in Tambon Sema, Mueang Sema Historical Site is the ancient ruins of Sema city during the Dvaravati period. Built in the 12th Buddhist century, the original Sema city plan was designed in egg shape and raised during the 16th and 17th Buddhist centuries as it was influenced by Khmer. The place features the wreckage of laterite, sandstone, and several artefacts that have been discovered here. The highlights are the reclining sandstone Buddha image and old religious relic, which is now situated in Wat Thammachak Semaram.


To reach the destination, Mueang Sema  Historical Site is located 37 kilometers away from the city. Another option is tourists can drive from Amphoe Sung Noen and drive across Lam Takhong River and Ban Hin Tang, and drive along for 4 kilometers to reach Tambon Sema.
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By Car

If you want to come here, this city is far from Nakornratchasima about 37 km. From Soong Neun District market, go across Takong stream. You will see Ban hin which is far from Sema city for 4 km.

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