Mueang Boran Bueng Khok Chang Historical Sites & Monuments

08.30 - 17.30

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Mueang Boran Bueng Khok Chang Mueang Boran Bueng Khok Chang


Tambon Phai Khiao, Amphoe Sawang Arom, Uthai Thani



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This ancient city is the site of many a discovery: ruins, pottery, grinding stones, metal tools, yellow beads as well as ancient Khmer inscription stones. At present, this historical site is a forest garden covered with large trees, and the city moat over the years has become shallower and shallower.

The artifacts are kept in the Local Historical and Cultural Museum, in the Non-formal Education Centre, Uthai Thani, near the City Hall.

To get there, take Highway 3221 from Amphoe Mueang, passing Amphoe Thap Than. Turn into Highway 3013, passing Amphoe Sawang Arom. Then, take Highway 3456 for about 14 kilometers toward Amphoe Lan Sak. There will be a stupa and a sign leading to Bueng Khok Chang on the left. This route leads through the old city of Bueng Khok Chang.


Operating hours are 8.30 am-5.30 pm daily.

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