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As the world’s first and only floating market on a waterfall surrounded by beautiful nature, Kwangchow Floating Market is located in the area of Kwangchow Waterfall Park, Nong Ya Plong District, Petchaburi. Based on the philosophy of Sufficient Economy, it allows the locals who live nearby to sell their products to tourists who have to pay a 20-baht admission fee from 9:30 to 17:00 every weekend and on public holidays. Most of the products are vegetables, fruits, and various rare dishes and drinks such as Homok in a bamboo tube, Khanom Mo Kaeng in a bamboo tube, Tot Man Pla Krai, Traditional-style Hoi Thot Lum, Kway Teow Ruea Mo Din Kai Tun, Nam Waen Kaew Pan, Guangzhou-style Mu Yo Ho Phai, and Hmong-style Pad Thai. 

Apart from indulging yourself with clusters of food and beverage, do not miss enjoying a wide range of activities provided by the market. You can go to the fish spa, the first foot spa that is located in the middle of the jungle and surrounded by nature and streams. In addition, try paddling a boat along a 400-metre long route stretching through the floating market and around the waterfall. Furthermore, paying your respect to the sacred old weeping fig is a must. Additionally, try walking along the bamboo tunnel with a temperature of 25 degree Celsius, which is part of the Tropical Rainforest Project under the Royal Initiative. You can also attend the afforestation programme. In addition, swimming under the waterfall is possible because Kwangchow Waterfall is a small waterfall with a large lake whose water comes from the reservoir of the nearby Monkey Cheeks Project under the Royal Initiative. Besides, there are seven exciting activities provided near the fall, free of charge.

For those who want to stay overnight, an accommodation is available near the market. For more information, please contact the Kwangchow Waterfall Resort on 08-4540-3425, or visit www.kwangchowwaterfallresort.com. In addition to the floating market, you can visit nearby tourist attractions such as the Chang Hua Man Royal Project, the Nong Ya Plong Hot Springs, and the Thousand-Hand Guanyin Park. 

To get to the floating market from Bangkok, drive along Phetkasem Road. Turn right onto Highway No. 3349 to Nong Ya Plong District. Then follow the signs of Kwangchow Waterfall Park. About 25 kilometres from where you turn right, you will see the park on your left side.  

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