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This small island far out in the Gulf of Thailand is well-known for the beauty of its beaches and coral reefs. Named turtle (“Tao”) island for its hump-backed shape, Koh Tao is also home to hawksbill and green turtles. One of the best diving spots in the Gulf, Tao Island also offers hiking, rock climbing and bouldering.

Visitors also favor Sai Ri beach on the west coast, which has a 1.7 kilometer-long stretch of white sand beach interrupted only by a few huge boulders. These attractions have enabled the rapid growth of the island’s tourism facilities, and it now has more than 150 resorts, mostly medium-priced bungalows and some 50 nightclubs.  

There are regular boats to Tao Island. Services include: 

Departures by regular boat from Tha Yang Pier, 7 kilometers from Chumphon town center, every night at midnight with arrival at 6.00 am for a round-trip fare of 200 baht. The return trip leaves Koh Tao at 10.00 am and arrives at Tha Yang at 3.00 pm. For details call 0 7755 3052-4.

Speed boats from Songserm Rungrueang Co., Ltd. which leave Tha Yang pier at 7.00 am and arrive at Koh Tao at 10.00 a.m. The return trip leaves the island at 3.00 pm and arrives at Chumphon at 5.30 pm. The round-trip fare is 400 baht. For more details, contact 0 7750 3735.

Speed boats from Ekkawin Tour leave Tha Yang Pier at 7.30 am and arrive at Koh Tao at 9.30 am. The return boat leaves from Tao Island at 10.30 am and arrives at 12.30 pm. The round-trip fare is 400 baht. For more details, contact 0 7750 1821, 0 7758 0273 - 4. 

Boats also leave from Ekkawin Pier or Lom Lak Pier at 7 am and arrive at the island at 9.30 am. The boat leaves from Tao Island at 10.00 am and arrives at Ekkawin Pier at 3.00 pm. The round-trip fare is 400 baht.

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To get there travel along an asphalt road for 6 km. and continue the journey along a brick road for another 2 km.

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