Koh Si and Koh Ha Islands


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Amphoe Mueang, Phatthalung



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These two islands are home to flocks of graceful swallows, earning them the nickname of “Bird’s Nest Islands” or “Koh Rang Nok”. Concessions are given out for the collection of the nests for sale, as they are considered delicacies by many. These islands are some of the most beautiful in Phatthalung. King Rama V once visited the area and left his initials on a cliff. Nearby is a monument of King Rama V. As Koh Si and Koh Ha are private sector concession areas, visitors must first seek permission from the Pak Phayun district.


Both islands can be reached by taking boats from from Tambon Lam Pam pier (25 kilometers) or Pak Phayun pier (10 kilometers). Travelling time is about 1 hour.For more information, call 0 7423 1055, 0 7423 8518, or 0 7424 3747.

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