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Tambon Ko Phra Thong, Amphoe Kuraburi, Phang Nga


+66 7649 1378, +66 2562 0760

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Located closed to the mainland among a group of islands, Koh Phra Thong is low in population and so its natural environment is mostly untouched, unlike other popular islands that are tamed by the modernization. The forest, sea, and wildlife are the only sound the island would bring while the local people have the most humble lifestyle by the sea. For those who wish to travel there, you’ll have to be a part of the nature, living in the simplest accommodation and just spending time looking at the sea or get on the sightseeing car to see the vast savanna which is not very common on other islands in the middle of the Andaman Sea. If you’re lucky, you will get to see the deer running in the golden savanna with the background of the Eugenia trees or even walking on the beach (if you’re that lucky).


* Resorts are available as well as the homestay for those who want to get closer to the nature.

* Best time to travel is Dec-Apr.

* For more information, contact Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Phuket Office.

How Getting there: The Island is quite near to the coast and you can get there by a long-tail boat from Kuraburi Pier, which will take about one hour and a half.

Contact: 076-211-036, 076-212-213, 076-213-582


How to get there

By Boat

You can charter a boat ride from Khura Buri pier to the island. The trip takes just over an hour. Private accommodation is available.

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to Tourism Authority of Thailand: