Khao Som Phot Wildlife Sanctuary
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Lop Buri

Khao Som Phot Wildlife Sanctuary is located between Sab Takien Sub-District, Nhong Yai Toa Sub-District, Bua Chum Sub-District, and Na Som Sub-District. It lies on 33,760 acres land. It has been officially announced as Khao Som Phot Wildlife Sanctuary since November 29, 1995.Khao Som Phot Wildlife Sanctuary lies all the way on Limestone Mountain to the southern west side. There are many caves and cliffs inside this wildlife sanctuary as well as two valleys and a highland above the mountain. Moreover, there are tons of archeology sites here at Khao Som Phot Wildlife Sanctuary. An ancient stone axe which is approximately 3,000 years old is excavated from the area nearby Wat Tham Prom Lok as well as ancient potteries which are 2,500 years old, and a wooden Buddha image from the late Ayuttaya period or probably the beginning of Rattanakosin period. Khao Som Phot Wildlife Sanctuary is very plentiful. There is a nature trail for those who want to explore more about the nature. Visitors will encounter varieties of plant and fossils which are approximately 280 years old. All these fossils can be good geology evidence that indicated that this area was once a continental shelf and it previously was an underwater land. Besides, there is a meditation place provided at Wat Khao Som Phot and Wat Tham Prom Lok. There is a stone age field that was naturally occurred nearby Wat Tham Prom Lok area.For more information, please contact: Khao Som Phot Wildlife Sanctuary, P.O. BOX 19 , Lam Narai, Chaibadarn District, Lopburi, 15130 or Natural Resources and Environment Office, Lopburi Tel. 036422777How to get here?Take a highway number 21 from Bangkok and turn right to Chaibadarn District. Then, take a state highway number 205 from Chaibadarn District to Lam Son Thi District which is 20 kilometers long. When you spot Wat Khao Tambon on your left then turn right to the road that will lead you to Wat Prom Lok. Keep going for seven kilometers and you will reach at Khao Som Phot Wildlife Sanctuary. 

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