Khai Noen Wong Historical Sites & Monuments

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Amphoe Tha Mai, Chanthaburi

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The ancient site of Khai Noen Wong, also at Tambon Bang Kacha district, was established as the town in circa 1834 during the reign of King Rama III. The town was moved from Ban Lum to this location because of its high grounds suitable for defensive purposes against the invading Vietnamese. The laterite walls and bricks from the old town were also dismantled and moved to the new site. A serve drought during the reign of King Rama V forced its return to the original site at Ban Lum. The old town at Khai Noen Wong was square-shaped with extensive laterite walls mounted with large cannons. Each side had its own ramparts and defensive moats. It was regarded as a powerful military camp of the time. There also is the Underwater Archaeological Office and Merchant Marine Museum located within Khai Noen Wong. It's specializing in exhibiting Thailand's merchant marine and displays items discovered from underwater archaeological explorations from all over the country. The exhibitions include sailing routes and products from ancient times. An exhibition chamber deals with the history and culture of the people of Chanthaburi.
Opening hours: 9am-4pm

Contact: 039-391-431

Getting there: From the city center, take Highway No.3147 to Ban Tha Chalaeb then take a turn at the junction to Tha Mai district. The site is 400 meters away.


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