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Kat Kong Ta


Kat Kong Ta, or TalatCheen, is an old market in Lampang. Located near RatsadaPisek Bridge, Kat Kong Ta is one of the important landmarks for art lovers Lampang. In the northern Thai dialect, the name Kat Kong Ta means the market near the pier. (Kat is a market and Kong Ta means a pier.) Situated on the bank of Wang River, the market can be dated back to the reign of King Rama V or around 1877.

In the old days, Kat Tong Ka was a hub filled with merchants from many countries such as Thailand, China, Myanmar and western countries. This contributes to the various type of architecture found in the market. There are Thai Lanna, Burmese, Chinese, and western architectures which are as old as 100 years. The buildings, preserved and passed on to generations, make Kat Tong Ka a lovely vintage place that attracts a lot of visitors. 

Besides the architecture, Kat Tong Ka also offers a wide range of interesting goods. Local and handmade products can be found here. Moreover, don’t miss those delicious local dishes such as KanomCheen Nam Ngew, Miang Kham, Khai Pam, and Thong Muan Sod. Also, grabbing some nice gifts for your friends and family back home and watching the shows in the market would be great ideas.

Kat Tong Ka opens only from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. However, if you want to go sightseeing around the market, you can visit the market in the morning. Starting from Lampang city, visitors can drive along Ratsada Road and cross Ratsada Bridge to Kat Kong Ta. It is highly recommended to start the walk at Kat Tong Ka Walking Street to absorb the vintage atmosphere that the market offers you.


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