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Narathat Beach is about 1 kilometre from town on Phichit Bamrung Road.



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This white sand beach stretches for 5 kilometers near the estuary of the Bang Nara River, where the annual Korlae boat races are held. The beach is decorated with densely growing pines, which provide a tranquil and shady area for camping. Several beachside restaurants serving southern-style cuisine and accommodation facilities are provided. The view from the beach is impressive, as there is a backdrop of fishing villages extending along the river. The bay is often full of pretty Korlae fishing boats.

Narathat Beach is located just 1 kilometer from town on Phichit Bamrung Road. Visitors can easily hire motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles or mini-buses to take them from the town to the beach.

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Tourists can conveniently take hired motorcycles, tricycles or mini-buses from town.

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