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Tambon Hat Chao Samran, Amphoe Mueang, Phetchaburi


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Locate approximately 15 kilometers from the city center, this beach had been a significant resort of the royal family since Ayutthaya period. There was a legend that King Naresuan the Great and his brother, King Ekathotsarot, fell in love with this peaceful seaside and decided to extend their stay during a short visit. Since then, people surrounded decided to name this beach as Hat Chao Samran, meaning the Royal Leisure Beach.

The beach was highly popular during King Rama VI period, who had ordered the construction of Hat Chao Samram Palace, which finished in 1918.

Today, Hat Chao Samran is a favorite place for tourists who love its calm and beautiful. The fisherman village is also an interesting spot to have a walk to meet friendly fishermen and observe their daily life.



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