Hala-Bala Wildlife Reserve National Parks & Marine Reserves

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Amphoe Waeng, Narathiwat 96120



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A not-to-be-missed attraction for nature lovers, Hala-Bala is one of Thailand’s more recently established conservation areas. Officially set up in 1996, the reserve is located near the Thai-Malaysian border. Covering an area of over 430 square kilometers, it extends over Sankala Khiri Mountain Range and the deep forests of Hala as well as Bala forests. 

Highway No. 4062 (Khwam Man Khong Road) goes through Sankala Khiri Mountain Range, offering easy access to the reserve. Visitors can start at Ban Buketa in Amphoe Waeng, continue through Bala Forest and conclude their journey at Ban Phu Khao Thong in Amphoe Su Khirin for a total distance of 18 kilometers. The route is lined with some of the most verdant jungles in Thailand. A careful look will reveal nesting hornbills, black gibbons, agile gibbons, and Thut frogs that can grow to over 5 kilograms.

Visitors wishing to hike through the area are required to request advance permission by sending a letter to P.O. Box 3, Amphoe Waeng, Narathiwat 96120, or to the Wildlife Reserve Department of the Natural Resources Conservation Office, Royal Forest Department, Bangkok. As the reserve is a sensitive ecological area, visitors are not permitted to stay overnight. The best time to visit the area is from late February to September, when there is little rain.

To get there, hire a mini-bus from either Amphoe Waeng Market or from Su-ngai Kolok train station. 

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